Finally submission ready!


Get Up, a 70k m/agender mystery/suspense erotic romance is finally ready to be booted out the door and into slushpiles. That draft you just felt was me sighing with relief.

Now I’ve got ten days to rest before life kicks in. Things on my agenda in no particular order:

  • Write on two Christmas m/m 10k stories.
  • Knit a heavy-as-hell sweater out of tee yarn.
  • Bake for my sister-in-law’s birthday (okay, that one actually has a deadline attached to it).
  • Read.
  • Don’t think about the other WIPs. Once this semester’s underway (I’m taking an introductory Chinese elective, as well as continuing with Japanese), I’ll have more of an idea of how to progress with my YA m/m novel and handful of other things.

After taking time off over January to move house, I’m finally feeling like a writer again. Here’s to keeping up momentum.

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