Get Up

get-upGet Up, an m/agender suspense romance, is currently out on submission. Fingers crossed for a 2017 release!

Eccentric ecologist and aspiring author Cam is accused of plagiarizing his late father De Carli’s final novel, and Guy is sent to the far reaches of wintry Canada by Cam’s publisher to covertly assess his writing skills. Rather than furnishing Guy with proof he can write, Cam instead ropes Guy into his quest to discover a rare white rabbit.

Cam’s manuscript has nothing on his father’s skill, and Guy doubts guileless Cam could be a thief, but he’s hardly transparent either. He dissociates dangerously each morning in the frozen wilderness, yet is physically and emotionally sensitive in the reclusive hut they share. Guy is soon biased by his attraction to vulnerable Cam and a growing drive to save De Carli’s son rather than the famed author’s legacy, but Cam harbors secrets more chilling than the weather outside. Guy knows if he comes clean about his own identity and reason for being at the hut, he’ll lose Cam’s trust for good. But if he doesn’t, Cam may lose his life to the elements or to a foe Guy would never have predicted.

*Cover not final. I drew it while procrastinating, which incidentally is a bad habit Cam gets away with in the book 🙂