Cinderella in the Sheets


Prince on the streets seeks Cinderella in the sheets.

Presley has a problem. It’s not that his evil stepdad is President of the USA, and he’s tired of traveling the country to stealthily sway right-wing governors & senators over to the side of good. (Well, besides that.) It’s that the escort Presley hired for a night of fun turned out to not be an escort after all, and now he can’t find the guy. Curse his habit of always wearing a blindfold whenever he hooks up with strangers!

Half his Secret Service detail are after the guy for the security threat he poses, half are on team #finallygetPresleyaBF, and Presley himself just wants to see the guy once more to figure out if what he felt that night was real. All they have to go on are a couple of clues and the glasses the guy left in Presley’s hotel room, but by using all the surveillance they can get away with, they’ll find him somehow.

Cinderella in the Sheets is an m/m erotic romcom due out 26 January, 2018, and can be pre-ordered here:


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