The Silksmith’s Girl

thesilksmithsgirl4002017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention

Bearded young woman Rudolph joined the circus to find a wealthy husband. The star attraction, a lofty silk rope performer known as ‘the silksmith’, shares his caravan and bed with her while ghostwriting letters to arrange marriage meetings in towns they visit. Soon, the only suitor who meets Rudolph’s romantic standards is the transgender silksmith himself, yet though he secretly binds her with silks at night, he refuses to tie her down for good.

When a man offers Rudolph the riches she has sought, she is guided by the silksmith to fulfill her dreams at last. The right words from the silksmith could bind her to stay, but hesitation could lose them everything.

The Silksmith’s Girl, a trans m/intersex f historical romance, is available thanks to Less Than Three Press. It can be bought here: unnamed

Cover is credited to the fabulous Natasha Snow.


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